Vampire Electricity
The three items directly below and many others use Vampire Electricity or standby power. What does this mean?  Although these devices are turned off, if they remain plugged into an electrical outlet, they will still consume electricity. Some computers can use up to 15 watts of power while off and plugged in. That is more power than two night light bulbs burning.

Although some believe that the amount of electricity use is minor, consider every device that is left plugged in at UDM is consuming electricity while turned off. 
How can we combat this problem without unplugging every device every day upon going home? One simple solution is using the device pictured at the right and turning it off prior to leaving.

A power strip or surge

Let's take this one step further. Before going home for the day, turn off your power strips and other devices listed below. You are not only helping to save money, but you are helping our planet's environment, too.
Desk lamps                       Fans
Light switches

This message is courtesy of the UDM Green Team.
UDM Green Team